We have in depth technical expertise covering all the process instrumentation disciplines. We can work with you to provide the best solutions for any requirements you have. We can provide products for the following areas:





Ball Valves Actuators
Butterfly Valve Positioners
Dome Valve Sample Valves
Basis Weight





Brightness Measurement Formation Sensor
Ash Measurement Web break supervisor
Colour Measurement Edge Crack Detector
Consistency Measurement Dirt & Shives Analysis
Freeness Measurement Wrinkling Monitoring
Viscosity Measurement NIR Moisture & Plastic



Lab Equipment


Charge Analysis Dirt Laboratory analyser
Zeta Potential Analysis Curl Tester
Drainage Analysis Diagonal Curl tester
Freeness Analysis Humidity generator
Porosity Analysis Paper stability & Creeping
Fibre & Shive Analyzer Braille & Score tester
Fibre Wall Thickness Air Tester
Synthetic Fibre Scanner Migration Cell
Lab formation Sensor Handsheet Retention Tester
Print Mottle Analyzer Dynamic Handsheet Former
Fibre Orientation Morfi-Compact





On-Line Charge Analyser
On-Line Air in Stock Analyser
On-Line Porosity Analyser
On-Line Dust Amount Analyser
Pulp Inspector (PI)
Fibre Analysis (PI)
Colour & Brightness (PI)
Freeness (PI)
Dirt & Shives Analysis (PI)
Morphology Fibre & Shive Analyser





Level Conventional Level Switches
Level Intelligent Temperature
Pressure Conventional Differential Pressure
Pressure Intelligent Seal Gauges
Submersible Level Pressure Switches